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Unicaja is a Spanish savings bank based in Málaga and chartered as a caja de ahorros providing retail banking services. The banks full name is Monte de Piedad y Caja de Ahorros de Ronda, Cádiz, Almería, Málaga y Antequera after the names of all the merged entities and the mount of piety structure.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "Few possibilities of promotion due to the lack of creation of new jobs given the imminent retirement of former colleagues. I do not recommend working at Unicaja".


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Cajera (Former Employee) says

"Pocas posibilidades de promoción por la falta de creación de nuevos puestos de trabajo dada la inminente jubilación de antiguos compañeros Cons: Falta de incentivos"

Steve Aldridge says

"I used Malagacar back in 2015 and to be fair I didn't have any issue with the car or service at point of use. What I do have an issue with is the continued emails from the company thanking me for bookings I haven't made. Since last year I have had to contact the company, via email, to advise them I am being emailed confirming my August 2020 booking. Each time it is confirmed there is no booking under my email address (even though they have emailed me!). Today I received a further email stating I had missed my pick up! Ermmm no I haven't because I haven't made a booking! You get what you pay for. Stick with the big guns even if they are more expensive. Steer clear of Malagacar at all costs!"

Aly says

"I rented a car from "1 Rent A Car" in September 2019, to this date I have not received my deposit back. First they charged me in Sterling which increased the amount by an extra 10 euros due to them using their exchange rate, and the deposit of £190 has not being returned they keep saying that it was returned in December which it has not. Every time I raise it with their office they deny everything and ask me to raise the query with my bank. It was a mistake to use this company."

Claire Scaramanga says

"BEWARE. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! We hired through this company this summer. Unforunately we got court on a speed camera. We had already paid the fine to the Spansih government, when I got notifcation from MalagaCar that they would charge us another 40 euros for passing on our name and address (nothing more). This is buried deep in their terms, and was NOT pointed out to us. Following the reply below, this just underlines their poor servic. I emailed them back as soon as I got their message about the fine, but they never bothered to reply. Interesting that they have only done so after I post in a public forum. Also, I later found out that they had already debited my credit card BEFORE they emailed me about the charge. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!"

Ana-Maria Dumitrescu says

"Worst customer service ever!!! The lady from customer service called Paloma was so rude with us she looked so angry and so annoyed we felt very disrespected when she took our identifications and did the registration for us."

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